Double Chin 

The appearance of under-chin fat, also called a double chin, ages a face. A double chin gives the illusion of heaviness to even slim people. The neck and chin account for fifty-four percent of the profile. Thus, people notice excess skin there. Dr. Gallacher treats double chin with non-surgical Kybella injections.

Why Do Those Chins Appear?

Anyone can develop double chin – age and gender matters little. The medical community knows under-chin fats as submental fullness. Under-chin fats form for several reasons.

  • Genetics – Some families feature ample profiles.
  • Weight Gain or Loss – Dramatic weight gain or loss transforms the shape of skin. The result can be stretchy, loose, and deformed.
  • Facial Expressions – Expressive personalities can change facial features, including adding extra chins.
  • Repetitive Actions – The great Louis Armstrong played great jazz. When he blew his horn, he stretched his under-chin skin.
  • Obesity – Obesity increases fat density and causes skin, including that under the chin, to sag.
  • Aging – As the body ages, skin loses some of its elasticity. Couple that with gravity, and the skin and fats migrate to form double chins.

Treatment of Double Chin

Often, exercise and diet do little to rid a chin of its extra fat. Dr. Gallacher can help relieve patients of double chin with a prescribed, non-surgical treatment. Dr. Gallacher injects Kybella into the affected area. The synthetic deoxycholic acid in Kybella aids the body with the absorption of fat. Once injected with Kybella, cells become incapable of accumulating and storing fat. Because of Dr. Gallacher’s precision during injection, all other cells in the area remain healthy and intact. In as few as five minutes, non-invasive Kybella treatment begins to re-sculpt the profile. Many patients experience permanent improvements in their appearances in as few as two treatments.

Double Chin Treatment with Kybella

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