Juvéderm Vollure Filler

What is a Vollure Treatment?

Vollure injections use a clear, synthetic hyaluronic acid gel as a filler. It smooths moderate to deep parentheses lines, folds and wrinkles. The human body naturally manufactures its own hyaluronic acid. It helps eye balls keep their shape and it cushions joints. Hyaluronic acid attracts water. So injecting Vollure into wrinkled skin forms a tauter framework for the skin. Vollure provides natural-looking, movable, smoother skin.

To make an easier experience, Vollure’s gel contains a local anesthetic. Few other hyaluronic acid injections incorporate Lidocaine. Dr. Gallacher uses an ultra-fine needle at the treatment site. Most clients describe the sensation as mild pinching. Tired, aged skin shows immediate improvement after non-surgical Vollure treatments.

Vollure incorporates Vycross technology. This proprietary formula combines low and high molecular weights. The combination improves the efficiency of the hyaluronic acid. This more effective formula uses a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid. The happy result is less swelling. In the end, skin looks and feels natural, and the results last. The state-of-the-art Vycross technology adds subtle volume. This smooths age-impacted areas of the face without risk of lumpiness. Also, with Vollure treatments, patients experience quicker recoveries. Unlike with some injected treatments, patients need not massage the injected area.

Vollure Treatments Last Longer Than Any Other Injectable On the Market Today.

Vollure treatments last up to a year and a half, compared to some other fillers which may last as few as three months. The body metabolizes the hyaluronic acid, leaving little in the body.

What Does Vollure Treat?

The procedure takes place in our comfortable office while you recline and relax. A typical treatment takes about a half hour to complete. After the treatment, patients may resume their lives with little interruption. You should take it easy and avoid temperature extremes until healed. Patients should see immediate results, with full effects obvious within a week.

What are the Risks?

The FDA approved Vollure in 2017 and 70 countries distribute and use this treatment. Many patients report faster results than with other injectable treatments and experience less post-surgical down-time. Common side effects include bruising, reddening, and swelling of injection sites. Side effects usually resolve without intervention within a week.

Who Should Seek Vollure Treatments?

Healthy adults who want a smoother, more youthful face enjoy Vollure treatments. Pregnant or breast feeding women should wait for filler treatments. Clients with allergies to hyaluronic acid products or Lidocaine and anyone with an infection in the treatment area should not seek treatment with Vollure.