Enlarged Pores and What You Can Do About Them

Everyone has pores, the tiny openings on the outer layer of the skin where the body’s natural oil, called sebum, is released to the surface. We have pores everywhere, except on the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet.

Enlarged Pores

While most pores are so small we can hardly see them, sometimes they are larger, especially in facial skin. Factors that may cause enlarged pores include:

  • Age (As we age, we naturally lose the elasticity in our skin, making pores appear bigger than they actually are.)
  • Genetics
  • Oily skin or acne
  • Exposure to the sun
  • Excessive oil production
  • Certain medications

What Can I Do?

Use oil-free makeup without too much talc, which can settle in pores and make them appear larger. Don’t sleep in your makeup. And finally, pay attention to your diet and try to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber foods.

In-Office Treatments

When home care is not enough, you may want to look into more effective treatments for your enlarged pores.

Laser Treatments
Several treatments are available at Dermatology and Laser Centre. Fractional ablative laser skin resurfacing decreases the appearance of pores and acne scars. For enlarged pores, Dr. Gallacher uses the Vbeam laser as well as fractionated CO2 lasers. Both types are effective and require less recovery time than traditional resurfacing procedures, which burn much deeper into the top skin layer.

Other advantages of our procedures include a lower risk of scarring or changes in skin color, a more natural appearance, and the ability to treat darker skin types. Treatments are quick (less than an hour), but patients may need more than one treatment to achieve optimal results.

After treatment, you may experience some minor swelling or redness, which usually subsides in 2 to 5 days. If this is the case, apply cold compresses (a cloth dipped in cold water and wrung out) periodically. Lastly, you should avoid exposure to the sun during the treatment and healing process.

Chemical Peels, Microneedling and Medical Grade Skin Care For Maintenance After Laser Treatment

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels use various types of prescription-strength acids, such as retinol or salicylic, to remove the outer layers of dead skin and reveal the healthier, softer skin underneath. Dermatology and Laser Centre offers several of these esthetician treatments.

Dr. Gallacher offers microneedling, a non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure for smoothing and refining the complexion. It is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy.

Medical Grade Skin Care Products
We offer many medical grade products like the Renova® and SkinCeuticals Tria Home Laser to help control acne and for maintenance after laser acne treatments. For more information about our available products, please view our webpage and talk to Dr. Gallacher about which one is right for your skin and concerns.
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