Oct 10, 2017

Aging Hands – Dermal Fillers for Hand Rejuvenation

We use our hands to do nearly everything, including expressing ourselves. They can be a focal point and they may show signs of environmental exposure and stress from repetitive movements. With age, hands may experience a loss of tissue volume between the flexor tendons.  Veins and tendons in the hands may become more prominent.  Wrinkles, spots and a crepe-like texture may develop. To ensure that our faces and bodies look great, we may wear make-up and get facials or exercise and diet. But what can be done to keep the hands looking young and attractive as we age?

Dermatology and Laser Centre offers a number of treatments to rejuvenate aging hands. Some options include:

Topical preparations such as Retin-A, antioxidants, epidermal growth factors, glycolic acid preparations can stimulate cell turnover, encouraging a return of some thickness to the skin and reduction of fine lines.

Pulsed Dye Laser and MicroLaser peels, administered in a series, can diminish or eliminate age spots and discolorations.

Dermal Fillers – Radiesse is the most commonly used filler for hand rejuvenation.  Options like Restylane and Juvéderm are also available, depending on patient needs and preferences.  Fillers are perhaps the most dramatic treatment for aging hands and can replenish lost volume instantly. Veins, tendons and joints can become much less visible, creating a more youthful appearance. The results of this treatment last 6-16 months depending on the filler used.

For the filler method of hand rejuvenation, there is very little pain associated and it takes about 30 minutes to perform. Skin on the back of the hand is gently pinched and lifted up prior to the injection, so that the veins underneath will not be in the way. The filler is injected to the subcutaneous space on the back of the hand.

Using one technique, the patient is instructed to make a closed fist after the injection. Then Dr. Gallacher manually massages it to spread filler evenly over the entire back of the hand. Another technique used is to inject smaller volumes in three areas between the flexor tendons. The filler is then manually molded to fill and volumize within soft tissues. This allows the patient’s own tissues to grow and sustain the volume.

The results of hand rejuvenation are immediate, typically lasting a year or so. Periodic touch-ups can sustain the longevity of the effect up to about a year and a half, depending on which fillers are being used. There is no post-treatment bruising, downtime or restrictions, but it’s recommended not to do any heavy or repetitive movements with your hands for a day.

It is most important before, during, and after Hand Rejuvenation that you apply broad spectrum sunblock with an SPF of 30 or above to the area every day of the year.  You may browse sunblocks and Medical Skin Care Products available at Dermatology and Laser Centre.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can improve the appearance of your aging hands, Dr. Gallacher would be happy to discuss treatment options with you.  Contact our office today!